An outside perspective

If you're a business owner, it's pretty likely you are one of the 23 million sole-proprietorships in the United States today.


Even if you aren't a sole proprietor, you're probably familiar with working long hours and still knowing that problems are left unsolved and tasks are left undone.  It could be day-to-day operations, keeping up with accounting, planning for the future, or implementing new ideas to stay ahead of the curve that is keeping you awake at night.  There are times when you simply know that what you are trying to do shouldn't be so difficult, but you spend far more time trying to do it than you should.  If only you had someone to bounce the idea off of, or someone who could bring new insight into your business.

Every morning is an opportunity

You may also have specific difficult tasks that you just can't seem to get done.

We know about that all too well. At PaynePoints we don't claim to have all of the answers, but we do have something that we think is pretty unique.  Our story is not terribly different from the stories of almost every business owner.  We struggle, even today.  We believe that struggle makes us stronger.  We believe that people, our process, and our tools help us in those struggles.  We know about pain points, because we have them ourselves.

Long Days
The Perspective of the Owner

Your unique perspective is what builds your business.

The truth is that your way of doing your business needs to be heard and understood to find solutions that you can confidently execute.  There isn't always a single right way to do something.  We want to understand your point of view and use that better understand your and your business.

Our primary goal is to add an outside perspective to your business, never to remove your own.


Small Step Plan

Understand you and your business

12 Step Process

You choose - 1 week to 1 year

Everything documented

Given to you during and after

PaynePoints solved, action steps, and results

Fixing Real Problems

IT Issues

Process Development



Advertising & Social Media

Find solutions or those who can

Team Building

How and when to hire

Team Formation

Build vs. Buy

Leadership & Management


Organizational Management

More Options



Data Analysis

Corporate Governance

Risk Management

And much more

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The PaynePoints Podcast

Going Remote First

First up, mission statements, business plans, and goals. Then we talk about remote employees as a first option and finally we’ll talk about our tendency to overcomplicate things.

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